• Frame Materials:

    • Rear: Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum

    • Front: Under Development

  • Shock: 205 Trunnion (160-180) / 225 Trunnion (200)

  • Fork: 180mm SC / 200mm DC

  • Wheel size: Mullet, 27.5 (rear) / 29 (front)

  • Geometry: 3 standard sizes, custom geo upon request

  • Headset: ZS56/ZS56

  • Drivetrain: Traditional, Gearbox, & Prototype

    • Bolt-on BB: PF92

  • Frame Weight: 9.0 lbs / 4.1 kg (w/o shock)

  • Handmade in Australia

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Virtual High Pivot. The benefits of our VHP design are elongating rear-center, compact packaging, & the optimal leverage curve.

This design also allows for a wide range of rear travel without compromising geometry for kinematics. We accomplish this with two different shock size options: a trunnion 205mm eye-to-eye (160-180mm) & 225 eye-to-eye (200mm).

Optimized for coil and air shocks up to 180mm of rear travel. Coil shock only for 200mm of rear travel.


We believe this will be the first bike to be compatible with every type of drivetrain on the market. Traditional 1x (7-12 speed), Pinion P-Line, and Effigear's Mimic gearbox. We are also working on developing our own drivetrain solution. Keep up with us Instagram to find out more.

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We plan to offer 3 standard sizes, T1, T2, T3.

There will also be an option for custom geometry in 3 key areas; head angle, reach, & rear center.


  • HEAD ANGLE: 65° - 62° (0.5° increments)

  • REACH: 420mm - 520mm (5mm increments)

  • REAR CENTER: 440mm - 460mm (5mm increments)

*Geometry chart below based on a 180mm (596ac) SC fork. If 170mm (602ac) DC fork is installed: REACH -5mm, HT ANG.=63°, ST ANG.=77°, & BB DROP=9mm


REACH 440mmSTACK 640mmHT ANG. 63.5°HT LNG. 100mmEFF. TT 572mmST ANG. 78°ST LNG. 410mmRC 440mmFC 790mmWB 1230mmSHOCK 205x57.5A-C 596mmBB DROP 15mm


REACH 465mmSTACK 640mmHT ANG. 63.5°HT LNG. 100mmEFF. TT 597mmST ANG. 78°ST LNG. 325mmRC 450mmFC 815mmWB 1265mmSHOCK 205x57.5A-C 596mmBB DROP 15mm


REACH 490mmSTACK 640mmHT ANG. 63.5°HT LNG. 100mmEFF. TT 622mmST ANG. 78°ST LNG. 440mmRC 460mmFC 840mmWB 1300mmSHOCK 205x57.5A-C 596mmBB DROP 15mm


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